Matthew & Sarah

Matthew Pierce McFall and Sarah Bell Wilson
will be married in a private ceremony
the morning of October 7, 2023

please join us for a celebration
following the ceremony
beginning at one o'clock in the afternoon
festivities and merriment to last all day

We hope you can join us for our marriage celebration! The party is set to begin around 1:00pm on Saturday, October 7 and continue into the evening - rain or shine! We will have food trucks and outdoor activities for the whole family. While there will be some traditional wedding reception activities, we're aiming for a more casual atmosphere, so don't feel pressured to arrive exactly at 1:00 or to stay for the entire day. Come when you can and stay for as long as you want!

1290 Pigeon Springs Road
Tracy City, TN 37387

What should we wear?

While we are celebrating a wedding, we understand you'll be outside, in Tennessee, in October. It's impossible to predict how the weather or the wildlife (including children) will behave! Dress however you feel most comfortable. Yes, we'll start the day in suits and sparkly dresses, but once we change we're going straight for comfort, so whatever you choose to arrive in is perfectly acceptable.

What about the ceremony?

We appreciate your understanding of our desire to keep the ceremony itself limited to immediate family and our closest friends. We hope to keep this portion of the process simple, short, and intimate. (We're all introverts and are not looking forward to being the center of attention.) I think we all can agree that the ceremony is the boring part, anyway - what you really come for is the cake!

Places to Stay

Obviously the best place to stay while visiting the beautiful Cumberland Plateau is Still Waters Mtn Retreat! Unfortunately for you, the lovely couple has selfishly claimed both of these cabins for the entire week preceding the celebration, so you'll have to look elsewhere. Here are some other options that are almost as nice.

Things to Bring

Most people feel a strong compulsion to bring gifts and things to a wedding celebration. Please don't. We're old and have grown-up jobs. If we want/need something, we just buy it for ourselves. (Trust me, shopping for Matthew has been a trial for the entire time I've known him.)

If you really, truly, feel as though you cannot cope without spending some kind of money on/because of us due to the impending nuptials...we request that you find an animal rescue, nonprofit, shelter, etc. that is local to you and donate either money, services, or supplies.

(You might want to bring some bug spray, too. know. Outside. Tennessee. October.)

Will there be food?

Mike & Betsy's BBQ

This is a BBQ food truck local to Still Waters Mtn Retreat and we've heard nothing but praise for Mike and Betsy! You can see posts from Betsy on her Facebook page. They will be offering bone-in smoked chicken and pulled pork plates/sandwiches. Sides include: potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, broccoli salad, and mac & cheese.

Spaghetti Monster

It's pasta. On sandwiches. There are also fries. You can check out their website or Facebook page for more details. Matthew's plans consist entirely of "eat all the pasta" so you might have to fight him for a spot in line.

So what's going to be going on, then?

Honestly, the most important thing for us is to get to see all the people in the world that we love the most and actually enjoy our time together. We don't have a solid timeline or order of events for our day. There will be games, activities, shenanigans, and tomfoolery until late in the evening, we are sure.


There will be an RSVP postcard attached to your invitation, which will hopefully be completed and mailed at least a few days before the event is actually supposed to take place... (This year has just FLOWN by, hasn't it??) If you've lost your invite, and/or never received one, you're obviously disinvited. Kidding!

You can email Sarah at:

Let us know how many people you're bringing and share one interesting bug fact that you think everyone should know.

I have concerns about this event.

It's okay, most people do. It's gonna be fun, though! Promise. And if you don't have fun, you can definitely request a refund. Your request will be denied, but you can still make it. Also, the event is free so what exactly do you expect to be refunded anyway? You're just being silly at this point.